Friday, June 15, 2012

Shabbos Face: Lips, 2: Lining

Before getting into Shabbos lipcolor itself, I want to discuss the liplining step. 

The product I use for Shabbos lipcolor seems to be unhappy with waxy lip pencils; it prevents the product from bonding to my lips, and there is a distinct line on Shabbos morning where the color wore away. 

Therefore, I had to look elsewhere to give my Shabbos lips a defined shape. 

Lipstains are great not only for Shabbos but for weekday, if one just wants to add a subtle hint of color rather than a heavier lipstick or gloss. 

For lip lining, getting one in marker form is better, like Covergirl Outlast Lipstain. They are all devoid of any sort of sheen, providing a lovely infusion of hue.
When used underneath lipcolor, it can change the shade depending on the stain color, creating all sorts of possibilities. 

I haven't yet found a well-reviewed Sephora option for a stain marker, but hope springs eternal.

Here are some Covergirl Stain options: 

400 Everbloom Kiss: Pale pink, just delicately enhancing lips

425 Plum Pout: On me, it comes out more of a red.

435 Flirty Nude: An orangey-nude (not my favorite; I'm not sure why I keep it around) 

440 Wild Berry Wink: Bright cherry red

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