Monday, June 25, 2012

Tame Those Flyaways

I had a dinner one evening, and I carefully ironed my hair that morning. Maybe my angle was off, or something, because sticking out of the side of my head were stiff short pieces of hair that refused to be tucked into my pony. 

It also didn't help that it was pouring outside. I could sense the humidity clinging to the window, craving to frizz that which was now sleek. "Let us in," the condensation oozed against the glass.

Google! Help me! 

It soothingly sent me to a few helpful links that recommended the same thing: Take a fluffy toothbrush, spritz it with some hairspray, and run it over the flyaways. 

My toothbrush wasn't even so fluffy, and the results were amazing! My pony was sleek instead of fuzzy and piece-y, the image of runway ready! And it was so simple, without remotely any effort; just spray the bristles and run it over the problematic strands.
This is a great way to tame unruly strands for other hairstyles as well.  


Anonymous said...

1) Spray your hairbrush with StaticGuard (okay, a little weirder than hairspray) and brush your hair
2) Run a dryer sheet over your hair

MIghty Garnel Ironheart said...

That you in the picture?

Anonymous said...

If you apply makeup with your fingers as I do (for some products I use fingers, for others, I use brushes) you'll find that a toothbrush and some soap is really helpful in cleaning any residue that ends up under your nails.

Another reason to hold onto your old toothbrushes :)

Princess Lea said...

Anon: Um, I think I'll stick to hairspray.

MGI: Are you kidding?

SIUG: Multi-purpose!

Anonymous said...

I'm the anon from above...with sheitels, dryer sheets work amazingly, since you don't wanna dirty up the wig with hairspray (ulness you want to wash it as often as u wash your hair..)

Princess Lea said...

A sheitel is something else! I'm still dealing with my own hair on a daily basis . . .

iTripped said...

Moisturizer also is great for taming flyaways- rub it into your hands and then smooth your hair out.

TOVAH said...

Why do I keep falling for the Fekkai brand merchandising? I've never gotten anything from them that I like,and yet, I keep buying morel.


Now, Bumble & Bumble, I LOVE.

Princess Lea said...

I love these products I get on Vitacost, like Alba or BWC or Giovanni. Sometimes they have cool enough packaging that I feel like I am using Fekkai.