Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Swim With Public Ease

One of my favorite places in Israel is the Dead Sea. It should be obvious considering my obsession with skin products.
During my first visit, dabbling in the yam was a tad delicate; I only waded in, whilst fully clothed, being all-too aware of the other tourists. I wasn't able to embrace the experience to the fullest.

The next time, I decided, I was going to do it right. 

There is now available, thanks to Jewish, Muslim, Christian, modest, and sensitive-skinned individuals, various brands providing swimwear with more coverage.
I decided on Hydro Chic as it was carried by a local store and I could try it on. I purchased a swim top and a swim skirt with attached pants (like those seen above).

I had a blast at Yam HaMelach, able to bob in the water in comfort (soggy clothing is nasty), although ironically the beach was deserted. 

When I returned home I liked the swim top so much that I still use it in the pool, and my sister-in-law Organa wears the whole getup every time she goes swimming to protect her snow-white complexion (she burns very easily).

Going to the local beach is now a more fun experience, as I can unworriedly plop into the sand, now that the elements can't harm my garments. 

There are other brands available, like Aqua Modesta, Mira, Marsea, Undercover Waterwear, and Princess.  


Tovah said...

I can't believe that you wrote that post. I had just begun writing a post on frum wear, but was having so much trouble doing research on it (just not enough sites, I guess), that I went with the etiquette article.

I'd actually like to wear that outfit to the pool, myself.:)

Princess Lea said...

I have this saved forever, but I wanted to post it when it was seasonal.

I'm really loving the Hydro Chic; I would definitely recommend it.

Sparrow said...

Oooh, I want one! They look awesome.

LifeLover said...

Omg, so I have a couple of those! I've been wearing them for ages:

1. When I bought them from a lady in Israel, she told me not to wear them to the dead sea because of the high salty concentration that will decolorize it.

2. I still wear it to pools and beaches every time i go on vacation and everyone thinks it's so funny!

3. They each came with a matching swim-suit material snoode (head covering)!!!

4. They're awsome! The first time I wore it, my family was staying at a hotel in Tel Aviv and all of my friends who don't keep tzniut were swimming in the mixed pool. This was about a year after I stopped mixed-swiming in Bikinis and I just jumped in in this 'dress' - they all thought I was crazy and were convinced that I had jumped in in an evening dress because it looked so nice :)

5. The material does not cling to me, and there are small buttons between the legs to ensure that the skirt doesn't fly up in the water, so it's great.

Enjoy it!!!!

Maya Resnikoff said...

That is definitely one of the better-looking tsnius swimwear options that I've seen. (Not that I've tried any of them, myself, but I do keep looking at them.)

Princess Lea said...

Sparrow: One of the best purchases I ever made.

LL: Probably I wasn't supposed to wear them in Yam HaMelach, but they seemed to have survived rather well - no running or fading of colors.

Do you know what brand yours is? It sounds like it has great features.

Maya: I'm still in love with mine.

corti said...

Hold on a sec... I'm totally in favor of swapping the sopping (not a million percent tznius) t-shirt over bathing suit for one of these, but they all look sick expensive! LL how do you have several of them?!

Tirtza G said...

We are so glad you enjoy your HydroChic swimsuit! Thank you for all the kind compliments. Would you be interested in partnering with HydroChic? If yes, please email Tirtza at