Friday, June 1, 2012



"(mumble) . . . Ihearyouwanttogoout?" 

Oh no he didn't. 

Despite the fact that this lad was pushing 30, it seems this was the first time ever that Bossk called the girl to arrange the date. 

When the shadchan had asked if she should arrange it or if he should call, I thought the answer was obvious. I did not realize this meant he never called a girl up before. And, as always, the insecure will pin the date on me. Fine, I desperately want you. Happy?

He actually took me to a very nice lounge, but it didn't warrant nearly 90 minutes of driving roundtrip. Especially since I had to read the instructions off the GPS after he nearly steered into a pole peering at it.

P.S. I'm sorry, but this is one of my pet peeves. I find using a credit card to pay for a $1.50 drink to be rather sad. Does no one carry cash anymore? That could even have been paid for in pocket change.


Wondering Minds said...

Those pennies get mighty heavy...jk, I use cash all the time.

MIghty Garnel Ironheart said...

Nah, who carries cash when there's Interac?

Single on the Scene said...

I get you...but if you're worried about a credit card-I've had guys who didn't even HAVE a credit card, let alone cash. Needless to say, I've paid for plenty of my dates...sad but true

Princess Lea said...

I always take spare cash and plastic of some sort. It thankfully has yet to happen, but I'm like a girl scout.

I like cash because I prefer not to leave a paper trail. That's what happens when you watch "Law & Order" on a loop.

%Shocked% said...

Haha!! Yes, you do watch too much Law & Order if you are afraid to leave a paper trail.

I rarely have pocket change. If I do have change on me, I put it away and come back a few months later to treat myself to whatever.

But no cash whatsoever? I agree- that's odd. Then again, if he has discovered that he never ever needs cash, then I can understand it I suppose. I get around a lot and some places don't take credit card at all or have a minimum (As far as I know it's illegal, but I don't care enough to put a fuss), so it makes sense to have cash. But if he doesn't travel at all (out of his daled amos) and doesn't spend much, why bother?

Princess Lea said...

Pet peeve, bro, just a pet peeve. I like green money vs. imaginary credit.

Tovah Brinton said...

Oh my gosh. This really takes me back to my dating days. One time, a guy asked me out to a movie. I had very little cash, simply because I wasn't making much money. Anyway, he said, "I have to go back to the apartment for something. Could you get the tickets for us? I had nowhere near enough money. My saving grace: Movie was sold out! Saved once again.

Princess Lea said...

Aiee! "I have to go back to the apartment for something"? That is the lamest excuse I ever heard for trying to wriggle out of paying.